St Aidan’s chapel open for private prayer

9th June 2020

From Monday 15th June, churches are to be allowed to open for private prayer.

St Aidan’s chapel will re-open then, from 10am to 5pm each day. Social distancing and hygiene precautions will need to be observed. Please do make careful use of this opportunity.

More details were published by the Government on 12th June. A risk assessment has been completed and is below.

Do thank God that progress in combating the virus is being made. We look forward to being allowed to have church services again in the near future.

Risk assessment

Company name: St Aidan’s Church, Leigh-on-Sea,  use of chapel for private prayer.                                                                             Assessment carried out by: Rev Canon Gordon Tarry

Date of next review: 5/7/20                  Date assessment was carried out: 12/06/20


What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing to control the risks?

What further action do you need to take to control the risks?

Who needs to carry out the action?

When is the action needed by?


Too many people in chapel to allow social distancing Chairs social distanced. Notices limiting numbers. Limited chairs left in chapel Monitor use Gordon Tarry Daily Ongoing
Door into chapel Doorway to be used by one person at a time Notices Monitor use Gordon Tarry Daily Ongoing
Leaflets in chapel Sharing of leaflets People asked to take leaflets home Monitor use Gordon Tarry Daily Ongoing
Books in chapel Sharing of prayer books, Bibles All books removed from chapel None      
Touching of any surface Risk of shared infection Front doors automatic.         Daily cleaning of all surfaces. Hand sanitiser and paper towels supplied and notices asking for these to be used before and after visit. Daily cleaning Gordon Tarry Daily Ongoing


More information on managing risk: