About Us

Welcome to St Aidan's Parish Church (Church of England)

The Fairway
Leigh on Sea

We are here to worship God and nurture faith.
We are also here to welcome our local community and serve you as best we can.

There are lots of things going on, and you are most welcome to join us for more information, please see the Groups and Activities Section of this website.

St Aidan’s Parish Church, Leigh on Sea – Our Vision

  • To be a spiritual centre for the community: a place of learning, prayer and worship that works with the other Churches to build faith and encourage practical service and engagement with the wider world.
  • To excel in providing friendship and support for older people, and to resource their spiritual lives in Church and in their own homes.
  • To make the most of opportunities to reach out to children and families through our Sunday Club, links with the School, baptisms, Family Services, and our Uniformed Organisations.
  • To enable the next ‘generation’ in our Church to become leaders, and to take forward our vision of a welcoming and inclusive community of faith. Agreed 4th October 2006.

For more information, help on any Parish matters (eg. baptisms, weddings, or funerals), or need to speak to a priest, then please feel free to contact the vicar:

We are here to serve you as best we can, in the name of Jesus Christ.