Creativity around St Aidan’s during the lock-down

10th April 2020

These pictures show some of the creativity around St Aidan’s.

Thank you to whoever put the lovely painted stones by the church entrance.

Our Christmas Tree cross witnesses to this Holy Week.

The flowering cherry trees are magnificent at the moment, see picture below.

The collage banner on the fencing is centred around a poem, written by a local NHS nurse.

Here is the poem:

A Time Will Come

For today we struggle.

Life is now a haze and a muddle,

of uncertainty and anxiety,

Of tears and heartache.


For today the end feels nigh.

Freedom is but a distant thought.

To be free to embrace

and celebrate.


For today we cannot see,

past negativity, a splash of song,

and clap for the heroes.

Hope is but a flickering light,

as the world is in darkness.


But my friends,

A time will come.

When we are free to hold hands

and feel the embrace of a hug.


A time will come.

When we are free to bury our loved ones

And say goodbye, side by side.


A time will come.

When we are free to grieve together

and give comfort to one another.


A time will come.

When we are free to smile and laugh

And celebrate all that we missed.


A time will come.

When we can wander outside

Without fear, no more anxiety.


A time will come.

When this   Will be over,

and our hearts can start to mend.

Take courage my friend,

This time will come.                      (Alice Tarry, a local NHS nurse (April 2020))

If you live nearby, please feel free to add to these acts of creativity in any way, shape or form, to encourage us all with signs of hope.