Book Aid

24th May 2019

Do you have Bibles you no longer use?

We are collecting Bibles and Christian books for BOOK AID. See below for books welcomed.                                Books can be left in church.

Book Aid are looking for Christian books in good condition.

   Particularly sought after are:

  • Books on theology, doctrine, Bible commentaries, Bible encyclopaedias and dictionaries, that would be useful to students in theological colleges.
  • Christian biographies, books on prayer, discipleship and all aspects of Christian living.
  • Books on biblical languages, including lexicons and grammars.
  • Bibles of any version [except New English Bible (NEB)] in particular the King James Version.
  • Methodist Hymnbooks
  • Hymns Ancient and Modern (Revised only)
  • Ladybird Books – both religious and secular
  • Theological Journals
  • Books in English

    Unfortunately they do NOT collect:

  • Secular books (i.e. Non-Christian)
  • School text books (including RE books)
  • Dated reading notes / Used Sunday School material
  • Magazines
  • Hymn books
  • Non-book items e.g. CD’s, videos, cassette tapes
  • Any material not in English
  • Paperbacks with browned pages
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